The New Code of the Streets (Anarchy) feat. Castor Pollux

by Quique Cruz

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Quique Verse:

Niggaz is fuckin lucky I got a sun to raise
Or else I'll be quicker to get my gun to blaze
But wait... wait until my seed grows bigga
We gunna be a couple wild ass niggaz
Papi ain't gunna raise a punk
Papi gone blaze da skunk & he can blaze if he want
Countin da days & da months to build an army of da 12 Monkeys
A band of rebels, drop outs & flunkies
Vandalisin, defacein private property
Betta get Seal Team 6 try stoppin me
Da main objective is to level out the playin field
I'm gunna give thiese fuckin devils da pain I feel
Hit 'em where it hurts, da finances
But now that I said that, what are my chances
That I would ever get to phaze one
Or is it all a part of my imagination?


The new code of the streets is Anarchy
We gunna overthrow da monarchy
The new code of the streets is Anarchy
We gunna put an end to da oligarchy (2x)


released September 25, 2011
Aranged, Mixed & Mastered by Quique Cruz for EBS Muzik



all rights reserved


EBSMuzik Santa Ana, California

EBS Muzik is the music division of EBS Multi-Media. All music is produced by Bo'kem Allah (Quique Cruz)

I produce entire albums!


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