Quique's Rebellion [El Terrible Strikes Back]

by Quique Cruz "El Terrible"

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Buxaburn Great Album, front to back dope beats, dope lyrics and MC,ing, a must have Favorite track: Santa Ana Winds (Beat by Phaizrok).
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released April 1, 2014

Produced entirely by Quique Cruz for EBS Muzik



all rights reserved


EBSMuzik Santa Ana, California

EBS Muzik is the music division of EBS Multi-Media. All music is produced by Bo'kem Allah (Quique Cruz)

I produce entire albums!

CONTACT: quiqueelterrible@gmail.com.

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Track Name: Quique's Rebellion feat. Prime Meridian (Produced by Quique Cruz)
Verse 3:
We pop toyz like some rock boys/
But don't get it fucked up, we are not boys/
We' sum grown ass men, we will son you/
Mi fiyah bun u, test me & mi dun you/
Mi run ya outta town like the crazy baldhead that you are/
In fact you are like Dracula/
Blood suckin & leachin on what we teachin/
I'm straight beastin' on the mic feastin'/
On theses skinny jean rappers, really mean actors/
We them niggaz that screamin' at ya wit them Dream Catchers/
We will eat you rappers & excrete you/
& reach you from Cipher See to Machu Pichu/
Seat you down & put you on time out/
Don't pull a nigga down when he's tryina climb out/
That's sum lame shit & it's just pathetic/
Candy rappers, fuck it I'm diabetic/
Track Name: Natty By Nature feat. Toquon Tha MC (Produced by Quique Cruz)
It's gotta make sense if I'm gonna make a dolla'/
To grab the mic and make the party people holla'/
This is hard to swallow and my act is hard act to folla'/
Read a lotta books so they call me a ghetto schola'/
This is How To Hustle and Win, I muscle a pen/
And if you did me dirty once, I'll never trust you again/
Cuz it's hard to earn like the Gang Starr joint/
When I step in the arena my flow be on point/
For 2 decades I've been a Dread Man/
You try to cut my shit then you're a walking dead man/
I'm saying, if you ever try to cut 'em off/
It's lights out nigga, I'm the one to shut 'em off/
So if you're Natty and you know it put ya hands up/
I got that shit to light your pineal glands up/
Now, Stand up and shake ya locks like you're sayin' No/
I'll let 'em know cuz the hook is sayin' so. OH!/

Because we said so/
We let the heads know/
About the ghetto/
And how the dread flow/ (2x)
Track Name: #DespiertaBorikwa (Beat by Esco)
We don't just wave our flag, we defend it
Un verdadero Boricua I don't pretend it
This message I send it to Juan Mari Bras
Y Lolita Lebron, que descanzen en paz
Hechate pa tras & make way for da jibaro yes
Los Macheteros y los Cimarrones
Y no jodes, no don't mess wit da students of da UPR
Taino Sunz, u know who we are
We are Nuyoricuas, indepentistas
Hechamos lyrica de fuego a la pista
Quemamos razistas, porque me da la gana
Tocamos Bomba y Plena en Santa Ana
Hasta Guayama, defendiemos lo nuestro
Y contestamos la llamada de los ancestros
Miren esto, Borikemetics on a mission
To knock them yankees outta position
Now listen...

Cuz we' the new breed of warriors/
Ever determined to keep fighting until PR is glorious/
Cuz we' the new breed of warriors/
Yeah, you best believe that we're gunna be victorious/
Cuz we' the new breed of warriors/
Ever determined to keep fighting until Boriken is glorious/
Cuz we' the new breed of warriors/

Despierta Boprikwa! Defiende Lo Tuyo! (4x)

Wake up Borikwa defend what's yours/
Stop Acting Like a fuckin pig on all fours/
They made us citizens to fight in their wars/
But they'll throw us all in prison when we fight for our cause/