Borikemetics: The Cipher, Vol. 1

by #Borikemetics:

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“Borikemetics (in Spanish Borikemeticos) is a Borikwa Education Council consisting of Academics, Scholars, Artists, Musician, Poets, Intellectuals, Teachers, Students, Hard Workers, Socio-Political Commentators & Activists. But, more than al of these… Borikemetics is made up of the average, everyday Borikwas from all walks of life and all over the Borikwa Diaspora.

Borikemetics is a mindset… a mentality… and a movement with a revisionist idea about the history of Puerto Rico and the various peoples that have all converged onto our island and contributed to what we know today as Boricua, Boriqua, Borinqueño, Puerto Rican, Borikwa or Boriké. A Borikemetico is ready to teach & ready to learn at all times. Are you a Borikemetico? If you are, you better get ready & stay ready.



“Borikemeticos (en inglés Borikemetics) es un Borikwa Consejo de Educación que consiste de académicos, estudiosos, artistas, músico, poetas, intelectuales, profesores, estudiantes, trabajadores duros, los comentaristas sociales y políticas y activistas. Pero, más que al de ellos .. . Borikemetics se compone de los Borikwas promedio, todos los días de todos los ámbitos de la vida y de todo el Borikwa diáspora.

Borikemetics es un modo de pensar … una mentalidad … y un movimiento con una idea revisionista sobre la historia de Puerto Rico y los diversos pueblos que han convergido en nuestra isla y contribuyeron a lo que hoy conocemos como Boricua, Boriqua, Borinqueño, Puertorriqueño, Borikwa o Boriké. Un Borikemetico está listo para enseñar y listo para aprender en todo momento. ¿Es usted un Borikemetico? Si es así, es mejor estar listo.



released September 23, 2013



all rights reserved


EBSMuzik Santa Ana, California

EBS Muzik is the music division of EBS Multi-Media. All music is produced by Bo'kem Allah (Quique Cruz)

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Track Name: #Borikemetics: The Anthem (Earth Bound Mix)
The new science that we're dealin with/
It ain't kindness we kill 'em with/
We analize & think critical/
Whether religious, historic or political/
We're smashing false idiologies/
Exposing lies with no appologies/
The main objective is to build/
But first we gotta bang on the beast, you know the drill/
Track Name: #FreeOscar (Earth Bound Mix)

I'm supposed to be independent and represented/
By the star the blue/red and the white pendent/
The promise that was made was a lie just to occupy my land/
From 1890 till recently man/
U can't imagine what I saw/
I never knew that me speaking of freedom would be against the law now it's war/
I watched pedophiles come and go murderers come and go/
Rapists come and go but I get denied parole/
After serving 33 you now wanna offer me a plea/
And cop to cop seditious conspiracy/
I guess I'm trapped between torture and resistance/
For instance, the people got my back, but this country doesn't let em lend assistance/
Instead they open up my mail/
And read it deny me medical attention, what needs correction is these jails/
They won't let my family post bail/
I'm a prisoner of politics and now the only freedom I know is hell/
The revolution won't be televised/
Only the lies they telling us why cause the lies that they selling us you buy/
But not me! This is for Puerto Rico in case they forgot me/
Cause of the brainwashing the media and paparazzi/
They could've shot me but they didn't they threw me in a prison/
Cut off from any one that would listen/
Put my pic with "TERRORISM" but that's ain't the truth man/
I ain't blow up shit or try to assassinate Truman/


Free Oscar Lopez Rivera/
They threw him behind bars like he's some kind of terrorist/
For this crime that's victimless/
Seditious conspiracy, man, that's ridiculous/
They locked him up cuz he had an idea and a vision/
To free Puerto Rico from American colonialism/
And ain't no prison big enough to stop the progress/
We're gunna protest cuz the wicked get no rest/
And what we're facing is a serious injustice/
I'm adding knowledge to the cipher when I bust this/
A Vietnam vet awarded the bronze star/
For his acts of heroism in the thick of the war/
Yo, he put his life on the line for this government/
When he was doing it, you know that they were loving it/
Cuz that's the fourth highest honor in the military/
He probably sent a lot of Charlies to the cemetery/
The tables turned when he focused all his energy/
To activism for the people in the Seventies/
An outspoken champion for independence/
That's why they slapped him with that ridiculously long sentence/
55 years, that's unprecedented/
The judge couldn't give him death, though he meant it/
So we keep the hashtag ‪#‎FreeOscar‬ buzzin'/
Until the day they release our cousin, YEAH!/